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6 Tips for Autumn Skin Care

Aug. 19, 2020

Unknowingly, it is already in autumn, this is a dry season. The skin will become dry as a result, causing fine lines, dry lines, acne, allergies, and other phenomena. Today, the skin care tool supplier will share with you those things about autumn skincare.

Due to the large temperature difference in autumn, the cold and hot weather will cause the skin's resistance to decline and be prone to bacterial infections. Therefore, autumn skincare must make the skin replenish in time and prevent excessive skin loss. This is female beauty The most basic skincare measures in beauty.

1. Replenish water in time

Be sure to drink plenty of water in autumn to ensure the skin's moisture supply, and you can't wait until you are thirsty.

Water can promote the excretion of metabolites and regulate the PH value of the skin. In addition to hydrating, it is also necessary to improve skin nutrition and enhance water storage capacity, which requires more collagen, vitamin, and mineral-rich foods.

2. Pay attention to diet

Eat more fruits and vegetables, supplement vitamin c and vitamin e, etc., which will help promote the synthesis of collagen in the skin, protect the skin from the external dry environment, so as to keep the skin moisturized.

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3. Suncare

Many girls think that they don't need sunscreen in autumn. This is a wrong idea. Even if there is no sun, the skin will be damaged by ultraviolet rays. So before going out, not only apply sunscreen but also bring other sunscreen tools. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF index of 15-25.

4. Sleep skincare

Sleep is also very important for good skin. Therefore, when autumn is lacking, it is necessary to ensure sleep, so that skin metabolism can be fast, and rubbish in the skin can be discharged in time. At the same time, the skin's ability to secrete oil can be strengthened to moisturize the skin. From 2 to 6 o'clock every day is the best time for the skin to rest. Therefore, it is recommended that girls go to bed early.

5. Stay away from allergens

If you happen to have sensitive skin, you should be extra careful about allergies or even allergies in the fall. At this time, you need to always pay attention to the changes in your skin, stay away from all factors that can make your skin allergic, keep your skin in a comfortable state at all times, and prevent the occurrence of allergies.

6. Moisturizing the skin

When it comes to hydrating, the most effective way is of course to use a mask, which is the best reservoir for the skin and can be used every other day. The night is the last time for the skin to absorb moisture. After you clean your face, you can use a night cream with higher moisturizing degree and use it with moisturizing essence to enhance skin absorption.

The above information is provided by the electric essence mist sprayer.