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Acne skin care

Jun. 24, 2020

1. Keep your face clean. Regardless of whether you have acne or not, it is important to wash your face twice a day to remove impurities, dead skin cells and excess oil from the surface of the skin. Use a mild facial cleanser and warm water instead of hot water. The use of harsh soaps (such as deodorant body soaps) can damage already inflamed skin and cause more irritation. Avoid scrubbing the skin with towels, exfoliating gloves or loofah. Be sure to rinse off and then dry your face with a clean towel. Dirty towels can spread bacteria-To reduce the spread of bacteria, please use the towel once and throw it into dirty clothes. Our company provides facial cleansing brush.

2. Moisturize. Many acne products contain ingredients that dry the skin, so be sure to use moisturizers to minimize dryness and skin peeling. Look for "noncomedogenic" on the label, which means it should not cause acne. There are moisturizers for oily, dry or combination skin.

Facial Cleansing Brush

3. Remove your hand from your face. Avoid touching your face or supporting your cheeks or chin with your hands. Not only will it spread bacteria, but it will also irritate the inflamed facial skin. Never use your fingers to provoke or pierce acne, as it may cause infections and scars.

4. Don't bask in the sun. The sun's ultraviolet rays increase inflammation and redness, and may cause pigmentation after inflammation. Limit your time in the sun, especially between 10am and 2pm, wear protective clothing such as long-sleeved shirts, pants, and wide-brimmed hats. Regardless of whether you have acne or not, be sure to apply SPF30 or higher broad-spectrum sunscreen at least 20 minutes before exposure. Look for "noncomedogenic" on the sunscreen label to reduce the possibility of new acne.

5. Feed your skin. Avoid greasy foods and junk foods. It makes sense to add fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains to your diet. Dairy products and foods high in processed sugar may cause acne. Avoid these.

6. Exercise every day. Regular exercise is good for your whole body, including the skin. When exercising, avoid wearing clothes or using sports equipment that can rub the skin and may cause irritation. Take a shower or bath immediately after exercise.

7. Relax. Some studies have linked stress to the severity of acne. Ask yourself what makes you feel stressed. Then take a deep breath and find a solution.

The above information is provided by skin care tool manufacturer.