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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Facial Cleansing Brush?

Jun. 11, 2020

Can a facial cleansing brush really help us improve skin problems?

What are the advantages of a facial cleansing brush?

1. Increase the natural circulation of skin cells

"Collagen" believes that everyone is familiar with it. It is a structural protein in the extracellular matrix. Using a facial cleansing brush to clean can better clean the dead skin cells on the face so that more "collagen" can be produced. Will make our skin firmer and look younger.

2. Deep clean pores

Most of the facial cleansing brushes on the market are small brushes made of fiber, and the hair quality is relatively soft and delicate, so that we can use the facial cleansing brush to achieve the effect of deeply cleansing the pores, and can easily take away the pores Bacteria, dust, dirt, grease.

And it will not hurt the skin, it is much better than the effect of cleaning with our hands. At the same time, it can also promote blood circulation to the face, which can help improve skin tone.

Facial Cleansing Brush

Are there any disadvantages to the facial cleansing brush?

The answer is yes.

For example, girls with psoriasis or eczema cannot use it. If the face is sunburned and there is broken skin, it should not be used.

For those with sensitive muscles, it is recommended that you use a facial cleansing brush only once or twice a week. When using it, do not use it for too long, and do not press hard on the skin. But don’t worry too much about the little sisters with sensitive muscles. There are many facial cleansing brushes that can be used for sensitive muscles. For example, antibacterial protective silicone facial brushes can be used for sensitive muscles.

If you are unclear about your skin, you can go to the hospital to find a doctor to help you determine.

Can I use a facial cleansing brush if I have acne on my face?

of course.

Not only can it be used, but it can also help you better clean acne. The brush has the effect of deeply cleansing the pores. It can take away bacteria, dust, dirt, grease in the pores, and can better clean the skin.

If you use an ointment to treat acne, the dirt on the skin is gone, and the ointment will absorb better. When choosing a brush, choose a brush with softer and longer bristles so that it will not hurt the skin. .

Although you can use a facial cleansing brush, you can’t use it every day. You can’t use it more than 1-2 times a week. Before you use it, you must clean the brush head or the bacteria will run on your face.

But not all acne can use a facial cleansing brush, if your inflammatory acne has reached moderate to severe, you can not use it.

The above information is provided by a facial cleansing brush supplier.