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An Electric Manicure Set That Brings You Convenience

Sep. 03, 2020

Just cut your nails, is it necessary to be so serious?


Too long nails not only scratch the skin easily, but also hide dirt between the nails, and may spread bacteria when they come into contact with food or other things.

Cutting it too short will damage the skin capillaries and nerve endings, make the fingertips lose the protection of the nails, and easily cause paronychia.

Cut angular, the overall feeling of the hands rough, easy to leave people the impression of slovenliness.

It is even more difficult to cut your baby’s nails. A little carelessness will hurt your baby. Sometimes you have to wait for your baby to fall asleep.

Cut the baby's nails. When the baby's nails are too long, it is easy to catch bleeding marks when scratching the face.

There is so much attention to cutting nails, so how should we cut it?

Under normal circumstances, it is best to leave a side of 1-2 mm when cutting the nails, which is about equal to the side of the finger, so that the effect is beautiful and not easy to leave paronychia.

But the problem is that not everyone can take good measure, and there are a lot of troublesome nails:

Uneven trim, deep cuts on both sides, unsharp nail clippers make the nails rougher, or nail chips flying around.

Electric Manicure Set

Our company's electric baby & mommy nail trimmer kits solve this problem for you. This nail trimmer kit is indeed a wonderful gift for moms and babies to provide an effective and safe filing experience. Manicure tools can not only protect growing babies from scratching their soft skin, but also provide salon-quality nail care services for adults at home.  With 6 replaceable cushioned pads and 4 speed settings, both you and babies can enjoy the pleasant trimming without harming surrounding skin. The manicure set can meet your nail care needs in all aspects, from setting to polishing, providing you with shiny and flawless nails. The ergonomic body shape fits your palm perfectly, and the built-in light provides a clear removal effect. Different color grinders are suitable for children of all ages. The whisper-like quiet exercise ensures that the baby's nails are well-trimmed when he falls asleep.

The information is provided by an electric nail trimmer kit manufacturer.