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Beauty Embracing Technology

Nov. 28, 2019

About Nicemay

Nicemay believes in technology brightening beauty. Therefore, we combine technology with skincare, recreating an authentic spa-treatment for you. Please join us in our passion and ongoing quest for beauty and overall wellness.


Beauty & Technology

Ultrasonic tech, oscillation sonic tech, photon/LED light, EMS along with bidirectional rotation are among the cutting-edge technologies, which are utilized in all our beauty gadgets, delivering spa-style care from head to toe. What’s more, the most advanced ABS materials and food-grade, acne-resistant silicone are applied in our products. We really persist in providing evidence-based, innovative products that deliver the highest standards of safety and efficacy. It is a faithful belief for us that technology plays a big role in improving skincare routine and overall wellness.

Our mission

“The Nicemay scrubber is able to give my face a beautifying boost in a short time.”

“Wow, this treatment device instantly reveals camera-ready skin”. 

---said by the hi-tech beauty device lovers.

Nicemay aims to inspire our customers with a powerful fusion of science and beauty that enhances health and confidence at every age.

Our team

This is an inclusive, empowered and cooperative team.

Quality dept. : Persist in the working standard of 100% inspection

R&D dept: Passionate about innovation of beauty gadgets

Sales team: Professional, enthusiastic, considerate all the time

Nicemay team: Indulge ourselves with the task of beautifying

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