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Can the Cleansing Brush Be Used All Over the Body?

Jun. 13, 2020

Of course not! If you use the whole body, you will bring the bacteria on your face to the face. If the bacteria are brought into the skin, it will block the pores. Clogged pores can cause skin diseases.

Not only that, but you can't also share the facial cleanser brush with others, and it is easy to breed bacteria in the process of alternating use. That is to say, when you use the facial cleansing brush used by others, it is to bring the bacteria on other people's faces to your own face. do you understand? Remember, don't share it, and be sure to clean it before using it.

How to clean the brush head of the facial cleanser brush daily

After using the cleansing instrument each time, remember to use warm water again to clean the cleansing instrument after use, and store it in a dry, ventilated place to avoid the growth of bacteria (When drying the cleansing instrument, pay attention The brush head of the cleansing face is facing down, This will allow the cleanser to last longer and keep the cleansing instrument body from sticking to water during routine cleaning).

Facial Cleanser Brush

What kind of cleaning do you use

In addition to daily cleaning, the cleansing instrument also needs to be cleaned once a week. There are two ways to clean the brush head:

The first is to use professional makeup brush cleaning products for cleaning.

The second kind of baby shower cleaning, because baby shower gel is very gentle, moisturizing, and very irritating, it can make the brush head softer and more comfortable while effectively cleaning the brush head.


It is best to replace the brush head every 3 months, not because of the problem of bacteria, but because of the efficiency of the machine. When the bristles start to gather, the effect will be worse than before, so the brush must be replaced every 3 months head.

The above information is provided by electric cleansing brush manufacturer.