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Do You Know that the Neck Reveal Age?

Dec. 22, 2020

When Anti-aging, Don't Forget These Two Body Parts. Do you know that the neck and chest also reveal age? 

1. Neck

There is no protection on both sides of the neck, where sun-lovers have more obvious spots, wrinkles and dullness. Therefore, when applying sunscreen, don't forget the neck, and use MR-1772 Handheld Neck Soothing & Shaping Massager to create a firm and youthful contour.

"It also encourages better penetration, keeping your neck moisturized. What's more, it would iron away wrinkles on the neck with a kneading motion."

Handheld Neck Soothing & Shaping Massager

2. Chest

The chest area includes the lower part of the neck and the front chest, fine lines and stains are likely to appear in this position. Chronic damage from sunlight is the main cause of skin aging, so sunscreen can help avoid such problems.

Because of the gravity and loss of collagen, the breasts tend to sag, lose their elasticity and firmness. It is necessary to use special anti-aging products to help firm the fat in the breasts, and massage can have obvious effects.

In addition, for postpartum mother, feeding and weaning baby can also more or less cause the chest to sag, so do a chest massage before going to bed at night.

The simplest massage method: MR-1739 Postpartum Breast Lifting Massager

People can receive healing massage with this breast roller, for it really stimulates lymphatic drainage through flushing toxins and boosting blood circulation. It can help the oil penetrate deep into the skin through thermal & cool massage.

Breast Lifting Massager