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Does Acne Skin Need to Exfoliate?

Dec. 15, 2020

This is a controversial issue. One view is Yes. The argument is that the stratum corneum is too thick to cause the hair follicles to block and become inflamed. Therefore, need to strengthen exfoliation when developing acne. The opposite view is No. The argument is that for infectious pustules, deep cleansing is not safe, and the skin will become more and more sensitive.

In fact, they are talking about partial and overall issues.

Microcurrent Face Scrubber

The hyperkeratinization of acne-prone skin is limited to the hyperkeratinization of the cells in the hair follicle sebaceous ducts. The keratin metabolism of the skin in other areas is still normal, so there is no need to exfoliate more frequently. If you exfoliate forcefully, it is easy to cause the acne to break and become infected. 

So, is there a beauty device that can exfoliate acne skin without causing the infection?

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"they are facial dirt leading-out mode & nutrition leading-in mode in order to satisfy your pimple-popping pleasure. The 24K gold-plating spatula is skin-friendly and performs well in conduction and it can break up water into the fog with ultrasonic tech so that you can enjoy a gentle yet thorough, effective exfoliation. "

Regular exfoliation is good for skincare.