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Does Facial Sprayer Really Moisturize?

Mar. 09, 2021

It can replenish water. A facial sprayer atomizes water with larger molecules through nanotechnology, so that small water molecule can quickly penetrate through the pores to the deep tissues of the skin to replenish moisture to the skin. The nano-level water molecules formed by the atomization of the hydrating instrument can quickly penetrate the skin and quickly replenish the skin. When the skin is tight and uncomfortable, you can always add moisture to the skin.

 Nano Ionic Facial Sprayer Air Purifier

MR 1653 Nano Ionic Facial Sprayer Air Purifier

- ionize the water molecule and realize atomization quickly so as to generate nourishing and moistening fog as well as lots of negative oxygen.

- The heating steam can help to enhance collagen growth, cleanse clogged pores and balance excessive facial oil.



1. Facial Sprayer must choose mineral water. Mineral water is weakly alkaline and can be quickly absorbed by the skin. If you use purified water, tap water, etc., not only is it not easy to be absorbed by the skin but also because it evaporates quickly, it is easy to take away the skin's moisture and make the skin tight.

2. Pour out the remaining water after each use of the facial sprayer. It is easy to breed bacteria if it is kept overnight. The second time you use it, add some water to clean it.

3. Carry out simple cleaning before spraying. It means using an oil-absorbent facial tissue to absorb the excess oil on the face.