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Electric Pedicure Tool to Remove Dead Skin and Calluses

Sep. 09, 2020

Most people will ignore the maintenance of their feet. Looks pleasing and beautiful face, but the heels are thick, thick, and white and crumbs, it is simply the dead spot of a delicate girl!

Exercising, walking, wearing high heels, and other reasons will cause our feet to accumulate a pile of dead skin, thick calluses, and become rough.

When encountering the high temperature and heat in summer, dead skin, keratin, bacteria, and sweat are mixed together, which can also cause foot odor.

Rough feet make people feel dirty and sloppy. No matter how beautiful shoes are, you will always feel a lack of confidence.

Don't dare to take off your shoes, don't dare to wear sandals, for fear that others will see rough and dark yellow feet.

However, using the scrub, boiling water, picking with hands, scraping with a blade, etc., is time-consuming, laborious, and dangerous, and the effect is not obvious. The rough foot beauty method of scraping, peeling, tearing, and pulling the dead skin of the new skin will cause foot damage and leave more foot problems. The electric foot care tool manufacturer shares with you.

Electric Pedicure Tool

You should know that the thickness of the foot skin is 300 times that of the facial skin. Such thick dead skin cells cannot be removed safely and efficiently with ordinary exfoliating products.

Electric pedicure tools help you solve this trouble.

The electric pedicure uses a roller to roll back and forth on the dry and cracked skin of the feet. After a period of use, it will slowly recover its fineness. Has an ergonomic soft handle.

Efficient: The unique shape of mineral micro-particles effectively removes aging dead skin.

Quick and easy: Rotate at 2000-2600 revolutions, instantly exfoliating dead skin cells.

Hygiene: Special antibacterial treatment can kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Safety: No sharp blade will not damage the skin.

Generally speaking, the skin of the human body is very thin, so use it 1-2 times a week. Remember not to use it continuously, and be gentle when using it.

Our company's electric pedicure tool is a rechargeable electric pedicure tool, and the fine emery roller rotates at two speeds. The roller can remove all hard calluses, dead skin, and cracked skin on the feet, providing you with soft and smooth feet. The carborundum roller is removable and easy to clean.