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Is the Home Radio Frequency Beauty Instrument Reliable?

Sep. 22, 2020

At present, the most common household beauty equipment on the market can be roughly divided into the ultrasonic, micro-current meter, ionization, RF (radio frequency), LED, and laser. Next, the skincare tool supplier tools take you to learn about the RF beauty device.

The so-called sonic product is actually the high-speed movement of a micro-motor, which drives the brush head to swing at high speed from side to side, generating mechanical vibration, that is, generating sound waves. Then use the cleansing function of the facial cleanser to quickly take the dirt away from the skin surface. Therefore, the essence of sonic cleansing is not only vibration but also the friction ability of the brush head.

RF Beauty Device

Radiofrequency refers to the use of radio waves to penetrate the epidermis to the deep tissues and generate heat energy through electric friction to produce a series of skin changes.

If the radio frequency is used properly, the subcutaneous fat water molecules move vigorously and the temperature rises above 60 degrees, which can burn fat without hurting the epidermis that can withstand a temperature of only 45-50 degrees.

In short, radiofrequency can heat the dermis, promote collagen regeneration, tighten the skin, increase elasticity, improve wrinkles, pores, and even dissolve fat.

Radiofrequency can be divided into unipolar radiofrequency and bipolar (multipolar) radiofrequency.

Monopolar radiofrequency: High energy, can radiate directly to the subcutaneous, deep penetration, but accompanied by strong pain. The medical instrument Thermage is a unipolar radiofrequency, which has a significant single-shot effect.

Thermage’s probe can vibrate approximately 6.78 million times per second, so usually doctors who operate Thermage need to be professionally trained. Improper operation may also cause disfigurement. So this is also the reason why the energy of the home radiofrequency instrument is low, mainly because of safety.

Multipolar radiofrequency: Contains positive and negative electrodes, and the energy is distributed between the electrodes. The depth of action is shallow, but it is more controllable, so it is safer. However, safety also means sacrificing effect, so this radio frequency will also be combined with other technologies (such as electric microneedles, semiconductor lasers, etc.) for treatment.

Simply put, the home RF beauty device can achieve the purpose of maintaining the current situation by choosing the right instrument for the problem, operating it correctly, and sticking to it. The effect of medical radiofrequency is visible, and it is easy for oneself and others to see the effect, while the effect of home radio frequency equipment is less obvious. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use medical radiofrequency to improve the aging and relaxation conditions and use household equipment to maintain this effect, which can significantly extend the maintenance time.