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How to Buy a Nose Hair Trimmer

Oct. 09, 2020

The mirror cover design of the nose hair trimmer is simple and stylish. The three-dimensional arched blade design will not harm the nasal cavity. The open slit can capture the nose hair in any direction and length. It also has an improved sharp blade to ensure the efficiency of use. The central operating system The operation is quiet when in use, the dry battery is designed to be convenient to carry, the dander storage box can effectively store dander in a clean and hygienic manner, the rubber grip is non-slip and comfortable to use.

1. Choose according to power

We know that the power of common household trimming equipment often has a great influence on its use effect, and the nose hair trimmer is no exception. The greater the motor power of the nose hair trimmer, the faster the speed of the cutter head, the better the trimming effect. . At present, the speed of the cutter head of the good quality nose hair trimmers on the market can reach more than 6000 rpm per minute, while the speed of the inferior products is often slow, prone to the phenomenon of hair pinching, and the effect is naturally not good.

Nose Hair Trimmer

2. Choose according to the cutter head

First look at the material of the cutter head. The material used for the cutter head determines the sharpness and durability of the nose hair trimmer. At present, high-quality trimmer cutter heads are generally made of alloy materials or professional stainless steel materials, which are sharper and more durable. Pay attention to the number of cutter heads. At present, the high-quality nose hair trimmers of major brands are equipped with rotating cutter heads for trimming nose hair, as well as special shaving cutter heads and temple hair cutter heads, which greatly improves the use of the trimmer range.

3. Choose according to the power supply method

Nose hair trimmers currently on the market are available in two ways: rechargeable and battery-powered. When using battery-powered nose hair trimmers, additional batteries need to be purchased, which increases the cost of use. In contrast, rechargeable nose hair trimmers save money. The cost of purchasing a battery can be used for multiple days after a single charge, which can be said to be more energy-efficient and convenient.

4. Choose according to accessories

When purchasing a nose hair trimmer, many friends only look at trimmer's main unit, and it is easy to ignore the accessories. In fact, when some accessories are not complete, it will cause inconvenience to the use and maintenance of the nose hair trimmer, like some big brands. The hairball trimmer will also be equipped with accessories such as a charging power supply and a cleaning brush. You can consult the seller's accessories when purchasing, and choose more brands with more complete accessories.

The above information is provided by the electric foundation brush manufacturer.