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How to Choose a Good Hair Removal Device?

Aug. 05, 2020

The girls put on beautiful dresses in summer. But for girls with strong hair, they are very annoyed, and the hair on the thighs after wearing a skirt is exposed. Many girls choose the epilator to shave it directly. The effect was good at the time, but it grew again within a few days, which was very annoying.

In response to this problem, although many people are using epilators, do you really have to choose the right one? Today, the electric facial hair remover supplier will take a look at how to choose a good epilator.

1. Classification of the hair removal device

First, the electric shaver: The working principle is the same as that of the men's shaver. The hair on the surface of the skin is shaved, and the hair roots still exist in the skin.

The advantage is that it is painless and convenient, and the price is cheap. The disadvantage is that the hair removal effect is very short. Generally, the hair will regenerate in three or four days and requires frequent shave.

Second, the electric hair plucker: The hair plucker uses the pinch-wheel type hair removal tool to pull the hair from the root and also remove the hair follicle. Therefore, the hair removal effect is longer than that of the shaver, but the pain is stronger. Not really recommended.

Depending on the individual's hair growth rate, it can generally keep the skin smooth for about 10 days to half a month.

Third, the home epilator: use a laser or strong pulsed light to penetrate the epidermis to reach the hair follicles. The melanin in the hair follicle absorbs light energy and generates instantaneous high temperature, which burns the hair follicle to wither and enter the dormant period.

It is painless and the hair will grow back after 1-2 years, which is called semi-permanent hair removal. Therefore, the price is much higher than the price of the electric shaver and electric hair puller.

IPL Hair Removal Device

2. Purchasing skills of the household hair removal device

First, the light source

There are two main types of light sources for home hair removal device, laser hair removal devices, and IPL (intensive pulsed light or photon) hair removal devices.

The laser is a monochromatic high-energy strong light with strong targeting, constant wavelength, strong stability, and relatively concentrated energy.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a continuous, multi-wavelength incoherent light, and the wavelength can be selected through a filter.

If the two are compared, the irritation and pain of laser hair removal are relatively greater, and the point-to-point method is too inefficient and not suitable for large-area hair removal.

IPL hair removal is relatively less irritating and painful and is suitable for large areas of hair removal.

Second, the wavelength

Optical hair removal, it is best that the light source can be absorbed by the melanin of the hair follicle to the greatest extent without affecting other surrounding tissues.

The laser has a fixed wavelength, and generally, the hair removal effect of 810NM is the best.

Too short wavelengths have insufficient penetrating power, not only cannot reach the hair follicles but are easily absorbed by epidermal melanin or hemoglobin and damage the skin. Therefore, avoid color light with a wavelength below 550 NM.

The short wavelength of most home IPL hair removal devices cannot ensure that they are filtered clean, so in theory, home IPL hair removal devices may cause more adverse reactions to dark skin than laser hair removal devices.

Third, energy density

The higher the energy density, the better the hair removal effect, and the longer it will last. But high energy is also more likely to cause skin discomfort. Therefore, do not pursue high energy density too much. The specific choice of energy density depends on your own situation.