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How to Choose the Right RF Beauty Device?

Feb. 26, 2021

Radiofrequency increases the local temperature of the dermis, promoting collagen contraction and skin tightening; it also promotes collagen secretion by fibroblasts, thus reducing fine lines and refining skin texture. One operation, multiple effects, quite divine.

Of course, if you don't choose the right one, or if you don't use it correctly, it's all for nothing. So, today we have prepared a simple guide to choose a home use RF beauty device.

How to choose the right RF beauty device?

A good RF device should not only be effective but also safe. When choosing, you can focus on the following three aspects: high working frequency, clinical test report and safety test report.

1. High working frequency

Generally speaking, in the skin can bear the range, the higher the working frequency of radiofrequency, the better the heating effect on the tissue also can better stimulate collagen synthesis. Now more high-end home radio frequency beauty instrument, the frequency can already reach 1 ~ 2 million hertz.

2. With clinical test report

The radio frequency beauty instrument is a relatively new skin care equipment, the products on the market are mixed, the actual use of the effect also varies. Therefore, before you buy, it is best to pay attention to the clinical report of the product, which is one of the most direct and hardcore ways to test the actual effect of the product and is very convincing.

3. With a safety test report

This time, the safety of the beauty device is also a concern, so the safety test report issued by the authority is also very important. Among them, the heavy metal content of the body material (such as nickel) and the risk of burns of the appliance are two indicators that need extra attention.

RF Beauty Device

At what age is it appropriate to start using an RF beauty device?

Actually, there is no standard answer to this question. This is because everyone ages at a different rate and has different skin problems.

For adults, as long as you already have a sagging face, fine lines or dullness, you can use it up. It doesn't matter if you are a sister in your 20s or a sister in your 40s, you can use it. It's perfect for New Year's Eve when you want to take one home for your mum and your sister.

Advantages of RF beauty devices

1.This radio frequency beauty device combines ultrasonic with positive ion, RF with negative ion, EMS technology.

2.Ultrasonic function leads out dirt from skin.

3.RF function enhances blood and lymph flow and speeds up metabolism.

4.EMS function is effectively tighten and exercise the face muscles and finally lifting and firming.