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How to Create Beeper Lips?

Feb. 05, 2021

Lips are not protected by sweat glands and sebaceous glands, they are easily affected by the external environment and cause moisture loss. If the lips are prone to dry and peeling, even if you put on the most beautiful lipstick, the effect will be greatly reduced. And as the skin ages, some fine lines will gradually appear next to the mouth.


Generally, lip balm mainly provides external moisture retention. Most of the oily ingredients selected stay on the surface of the lips. Although it can temporarily improve the problem of dry lips, but to improve the dryness and peeling of the lips for a long time, only the external moisture retention function is not enough.

 3D Thermal Lip Care Device

For lip care, keratin should be protected rather than exfoliated. When the lips are very dry, you might as well give your lips a massage to promote blood circulation in the lips.


Recommend MR 1635 3D Thermal Lip Care Device

"combines the technology of heating, sonic vibrations and micro-current, delivering an easy and effective route to you for a plump, glossy lip. The over-the-counter thermal therapy would diminish fine lines around the mouth, improve lip elasticity as well as enhance overall skin colour and texture.


Don't forget: People who often put on lip makeup must carefully remove it every day to avoid pigmentation.