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How to Make the Perfect Base Makeup?

Dec. 03, 2020

It is impossible for the skin to have no flaws at all. We can make the skin better through skincare, or cover these flaws with external makeup.

Before putting on makeup, clean the face-up. It is best to exfoliate regularly. 

After that, apply makeup primer on the face and spread it from bottom to top. Next, we can apply the foundation.

Using powder puff is easy to absorb too much liquid foundation, which is wasteful. Therefore, it is recommended to use a foundation brush. The advantage of using a brush is that it can completely retain the original texture of the foundation.

Electric Foundation Brush

Many girls have acne allergies when using air cushion BB. The puff of the air cushion BB must be cleaned regularly, usually once a week.

So is there a makeup brush that is both antibacterial and can create a base makeup with almost no pores? MR 1805 Electric Foundation Brush.

"The anti-bacterial & velvet-feeling fiber bristles are 100% cruelty-free for all skin types. Also, the tightly-packed bristles would help buff any kind of foundation (liquid or powder) into the skin for an airbrushed look and an even-toned finish."

Use the foundation brush to push away in the direction of hair growth, taking care not to circle. 

 Finally, we can use a powder puff to set makeup. In this way, our flawless base makeup is completed.