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Let Us Talk about LED Light Therapy

Dec. 09, 2020

Let's Talk about LED Light Therapy

Q: From a medical point of view, is LED Light Therapy useful?

A: Relatively speaking, it is more targeted for various acne and spots.

By irradiating the skin with visible light, it stimulates the skin to produce corresponding biological effects to achieve the purpose of beauty. Visible light is a spectrum with a wavelength between 400-760nm.

Photon Therapy Beauty Mask

Different colors of light can reach the different layers of skins because of different wavelengths. Some are epidermis, some penetrate the epidermis to reach the dermis, and even stimulate the mitochondria of skin cells to promote skin metabolism. 

The home beauty instrument uses an LED light source is mainly a kind of photobiostimulation effect, which is very good when applied to sensitive skin. After long-term use, the epidermis will gradually thicken and the skin barrier produced will be healthier.

MR-1569A Photon Therapy Beauty Mask designed as a semi-closed mask boasts of three settings including blue light(470nm), red light(635nm), and infrared light(850nm).

The blue light kills acne-causing bacteria to clear up existing breakouts while the red light boosts collagen in the skin, minimizes lines and wrinkles, speeds up healing as well as increases circulation to give you an amazing glow. The infrared light is able to penetrate into the surface of the skin to promote skin metabolism and moisture absorption, which would improve your skin elasticity and rejuvenate your skin.

Wear it to start efficient and worry-free skincare.