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What Is the Main Effect Of The Water Replenishing Instrument?

May. 22, 2020

The water replenishing instrument is an instrument that processes water liquid through the instrument and sprays it in the form of atomized water molecules, so it can also be called a spray instrument. The water replenishing instrument can quickly penetrate through the pores and penetrate into the deep tissues of the skin to be absorbed, so as to achieve deep hydration, clean the skin, and control the balance of water and oil. So as to achieve skin nourishing effect.

It is mainly divided into small hand-held, household desktop, atomized, and free-standing. Its functions include deep hydration, cleansing the skin, controlling water and oil balance, whitening, wrinkle and anti-aging. Species classification.

There are various manufacturers of water replenishing instrument on the market. Today, multifunctional skin care tool supplier will introduce hydration instruments to everyone.

Nano Ionic Facial Sprayer

1. Nano-penetration skin-care technology, adopting high-tech chip control technology and special process oscillation technology, decomposes water droplets into 0.3-0.5nm at high speed, and quickly penetrates into deep skin.

2. Nano water molecules are fused with sebum to effectively lock in moisture, make skin supple and moist, and maintain elasticity.

3. Use pure water to soften old dead skin and clean grease and dirt in pores.

4. Use refreshing make-up water (need to be diluted with 3 times pure water), the skin moisturizing effect is doubled, and the penetration rate is increased several times.

5. It is used when the hair is dry and the hairstyle is messy. It can smooth the roughness, moisturize the hair, and prevent static electricity.

6. With time memory function, push the cover to slide and use it for 50 seconds, easy to master the use time.

7. Built-in water tank, capacity up to 9ml, can be used about 15 times.

8.USB rechargeable use, easy to use, more environmentally friendly, and power saving.

The nano ionic facial sprayer provided by our company can effectively hydrate you.