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How to Prevent Summer to Take off Makeup

May. 21, 2020

Summer is very hot, sweating every time you go out, it is very serious that the makeup on the face will also be soaked with sweat, especially in this summer with masks, I believe that many girls have increased their troubles. Wearing a mask can protect yourself and others and prevent the spread of germs, but every time you wear a mask, the base makeup is easy to spend because of sultry and friction and even increases the chance of long powder spurs.

This time, the skin care tool supplier would like to share with you the steps of applying makeup for a long time when wearing a mask, as well as the methods of reapplying makeup. Even if you take off your mask, it is still beautiful. You may wish to refer to it.

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1. Prevent makeup removal

Bottom makeup is as thin as possible, the step also gives priority to with simple. Center on dark areas and cover slightly. When you take off your mask, you look more alert than when you're at without makeup and you don't feel tired.

2. Reduce skin burden

Choose low irritant products, use powder and other dry and long-lasting products, and recommend a mild mineral base makeup.

3. Choose soft colors

The mask is close to the skin, and it will inevitably wipe off the makeup when rubbed. Therefore, it is recommended to use natural and soft makeup colors, such as pale pink, earth color, etc., even if it falls off, it will look natural.

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