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Principle of Blue Light Beauty Mask

Jul. 20, 2020

Blue light beauty mask instrument uses the principle of photodynamics to activate deep cells and make the skin better metabolize. After the light is absorbed by the skin, the light energy is converted into intracellular energy, which relaxes and strengthens the capillaries and produces a photochemical reaction-enzymatic reaction with the skin to increase the content of glycogen and protein, thereby promoting cell metabolism and synthesis.

The red and blue light photodynamic therapy instrument uses a narrow-band LED light source to emit a cold light, which does not produce high heat and does not burn the skin. It converts light energy into intracellular energy, accelerates the cycle of cell growth, and stimulates fiber cells to produce collagen. It can bring unexpected effects to repair aging skin, acne skin, patchy skin, wrinkled skin, allergic symptoms, and sunburned skin, and will not cause any harm or discomfort to the skin. Photodynamic is the treatment of acne and skin rejuvenation which is one of the safest and most effective instruments.

Blue Light Beauty Mask

470nm outputs high-purity blue light, which matches the light absorption peak of the metabolite porphyrin of P. acnes. The chemical destimulation process of the metabolite of P. acnes produces a large amount of singlet reactive oxygen species. It can produce a highly oxidizing environment for propionibacterium acnes, which can cause the death of bacteria from the face and remove acne on the skin.

635nm red light has the characteristics of high purity, strong light source, and uniform energy density. It has significant effects on skincare and health treatment and is called bioactive light. Red light can increase cell activity, promote cell metabolism, and make the skin secrete a large amount of collagen and fibrous tissue to fill itself. Accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, improve skin chlorosis and dullness, so as to achieve anti-aging, anti-oxidation, and repair effects, which can not be achieved by traditional skincare.

The red and blue light therapy instrument uses high-purity, high-power-density red light, blue light, and yellow light to irradiate the skin, which can change cell structure, kill bacteria, provide a suitable environment for new cells, and enhance new collagen, elastin and collagen The production of protein promotes cell growth; it can repair inflammatory acne and aging skin, relieve the skin from sunburn without harming the skin, whiten the skin and promote skin elasticity. Red and blue light treatment have little side effects on the skin.

The above information is provided by the skincare tool manufacturer.