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Several Key Points for Spring Skin Care

Apr. 03, 2020

First, moisturizing

1. In addition to hydrating in spring skin care, the more important thing is "moisturizing". At this time, the skin needs to be supplemented with collagen, vitamins and minerals. This can not only improve the skin texture, but also improve the skin's water storage capacity. Our company sells photon beauty mask.

2. It is very necessary to replenish water for skin after spring bath. Light rehydration is not enough to achieve the effect of improving the skin texture. It is important to improve the water storage capacity of the skin's base layer and use more plant-based rehydration masks. The effect will be better when combined with moisturizing water and moisturizing lotion.

Second, hydration

1. In the spring, you must drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin. From the inside, ensure the skin's moisture supply. Do not wait until you are thirsty. Sufficient moisture can make the skin's metabolism active, expel the impurity metabolites out of the body, and adjust the skin's acid-base balance.

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2. Reasonably control the length of bathing in spring, otherwise it will easily lead to excessive evaporation of water in the body, and appropriately reduce the number and time of bathing. Choose a moisturizing body wash. It is best not to use soap-based bath products. Be sure to apply lotion to your body after taking a bath.

3. Use warm water to wash your face in spring so that it will not cause skin irritation. Choose a milder cleansing product and apply moisturizing products after hydrating the skin after cleansing.

Third, foot bath

1. In addition to hydrating the skin directly in spring, you can also choose indirect hydration. Whether you choose an essential oil bath or a milk bath, it is a very good indirect skin care choice. It is advisable to control the water temperature below the body temperature, and the duration should not exceed half an hour.

2, foot bath is not only the first choice for health, but also a good way for indirect skin care. Foot bathing before bed promotes circulation of the blood and lymphatic system, eliminates fatigue, and rejuvenates the skin.

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