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The Principle of RF Beauty Instrument

Jul. 09, 2020

What is RF beauty?

Radiofrequency (radio frequency, RF) is a high-frequency alternating electromagnetic wave with a frequency between 300KHz and 300GHz. Radiofrequency can penetrate the epidermis and act on deep tissues. The water molecules in the tissues move (rotate) and generate heat by frictional electromagnetic fields. The collagen fibers are heated to about 55-65°C. Thermal energy can cause immediate collagen fiber contraction In addition, heat damage caused by radiofrequency can start skin repair and regeneration, continue to stimulate collagen repair and regeneration, thereby improving the skin aging problem caused by collagen loss. Our company provides an anti-aging beauty device.

To put it simply, when radio frequency acts on the skin, the heat energy generated by electromagnetic waves can heat the dermis layer. After heating, the collagen cells under the skin will contract and tighten, and promote the regeneration of collagen cells, so that the skin can be firm, full, and elastic.

Anti-Aging Beauty Device

Classification of radiofrequency

Radiofrequency can be divided into unipolar radiofrequency and bipolar (multipolar) radiofrequency.

1. Unipolar RF is currently the mainstream in the medical beauty market

It can be subdivided into:

Quasi-monopolar: high energy, direct radiation to the skin, deep penetration, strong pain, and significant single effect. The patient needs to connect electrode pads to form a circuit and configure a refrigerant cooling device. Representative: The first generation of hot maggie thermage. With the update and advancement of technology, the third and fourth generation Remag launched later have made great improvements in pain relief and safety.

Wave-phase monopole: The use of water molecule resonance heating greatly improves comfort and safety. Although wave-phase monopolar RF is suitable for deep heating, it still cannot accurately control the penetration depth. Representative: Accent Deep Blue RF.

Focusing monopole: Focus directly on the subcutaneous SMAS fascial layer. It breaks through the traditional heating mode of radiofrequency from the inside to the inside and solves the problem that its role is shallow and the fascia layer cannot be heated.

2. Bipolar (multipolar) radiofrequency: Bipolar radiofrequency contains positive and negative electrodes, energy is distributed between the electrodes, the depth of action is shallow, the controllability is stronger, and it is safer. It is precise because there are still certain restrictions on the application of bipolar RF to household RF beauty instruments. The technical principle of multipole is similar to N positive and negative poles working at the same interface. To put it bluntly is "multi-group bipolar", built on the basis of bipolar.

The above information is provided by a blue light beauty mask supplier.