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Common difficulties and Treatment Methods in the Production of Silicone Cleansing Brush

Jun. 17, 2020

Many silicone product manufacturers know that the brush head of the silicone cleansing brush is the core of the production difficulty. What is different from the fiber brush is that each of its brush heads is formed by a precision processing mold and then subjected to high-temperature vulcanization to obtain the entire facial brush. With strong toughness, soft rebound, and other characteristics, today's facial cleansing brush supplier will talk about the difficulties and skills of silicone cleansing brushes.

Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush

Difficulties in the production of silicone cleansing brush:

1. Difficulties in mold design:

In the production process, because the brush head of the entire face is relatively dense, and there is a suction cup on the back of the product, the mold design is more difficult.

2. Demoulding is easy to cause defects:

One is that each product needs to be pulled by hand in order to demold, so it is inevitable that the brush head of the face and the suction cup at the bottom will be damaged.

Second, the diameter distance of the brush head is less than 0.8mm and less than 1mm. The distance between the brush head is too narrow, so the brush head will be covered and broken during production.

Solutions to common problems of silicone cleansing brush:

1. In many cases, the cause of the bad also has different requirements on the technique, so the staff should pay attention to the use of appropriate strength when pulling it easily because the mold core of the silicone cleansing brush is shuttled in the middle of the cleansing brush, so Forced pulling will cause the product base to break.

2. The second reason is to slow down the speed of the mold as far as possible. Do not let the brush head break in the mold, because after the brush head is too fine, the naked eye can’t see if it breaks, and it will often be ignored. Undesirable phenomena occur for several hours or even a day, so carefully check whether the brush head is complete after the mold is released.

3. As for the phenomenon of the package wind of the brush head, as long as it does not appear within a certain temperature and time, the operation speed is too slow after the mold is released, and the package wind phenomenon is likely to occur.

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