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What Is the Effect of Ultrasound on the Skin?

Jul. 30, 2020

Anyone who wants to make their skin look better and feel better may have to buy a lot of creams, ointments, serums, and essences specifically designed to restore skin vitality. Many of these products do wonders for human skin. However, there is a way to make them work better.

Using an ultrasonic facial machine can help these products better absorb and act on the deep layers of the really damaged skin.

Ultrasonic device

The device used for ultrasound therapy is a simple device. At its base level, it vibrates at a high frequency, which allows the machine to better massage the product onto the skin instead of applying it by hand. These high-level sound waves help the product penetrate the skin, instead of sitting on it, it cannot be fully utilized.

Many of these devices are called ultrasonic facial beauty device because most people focus on their own face, however, they can be used on various parts of the body. These machines have different settings for different parts of the body. A more severe setting can be used in more muscular areas without causing any damage. There are some more fragile areas on the body that require softer settings to avoid harming users.

Ultrasonic Facial Beauty Device

Ultrasonic treatment

Those who have been working on improving their skin for many years may recognize the ultrasonic beauty machine in a beauty salon. When people seek professional skincare, they used to be a popular treatment. These treatments have been very successful for people, and skincare tool manufacturers have seen a market for household devices.

Now, this kind of beauty salon treatment can be done at home for only a small part of the cost.

There are many different types of ultrasonic facial machines. For each type of machine, there may be a slightly different experience. Most machines recommend using conductive gel on the machine, plus the product being used, to take full advantage of the treatment effect. This conductive gel is specially designed for machines, which helps to push more products into the skin so that many important ingredients in each product get deeper penetration.

When you look at ultrasonic facial machines, they all have something in common. The end of the device is usually slightly rounded and smooth to the touch. This is a part that will penetrate the face or body to help apply different products. This is also part of the device, the conductive gel will be used for treatment.

What makes these machines special is their ability to vibrate at high frequencies. These frequencies range from 1MHz to 5MHz. Each set has different benefits or uses, depending on the part of the body used, from harsh treatments to soft treatments.

It is important to ensure the frequency of use to avoid damage to vulnerable areas of the body. One area to pay attention to is around the eyes. The skin here is fragile and easily damaged. For precision areas, always use a higher setting, such as 5MHz. For areas with thinner muscles like cheeks, 3MHz is enough. Any muscle-intensive area can use the 1MHz setting without damaging the area.