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There're Really Two "Brushes" for Taking a Bath

Feb. 01, 2021

"I like taking a bath, and my skin is good." Bathing is the happiest moment of the day.


The following bath brushes are recommended to keep you happy.

Electric Cleansing Brush 

MR 1701 5 IN 1 Electric Cleansing Brush Set


- There are 4 brush heads in total including body cleansing brush, silicone facial bush for gentle cleansing, long & high density bristle brush for deep cleansing and short bristle brush, which would meet all your specific cleansing needs.

- The soft, luxurious bristles help to gently deep clean clogged pores and remove dead skin cells, while the textured silicone head massages and exfoliates.

- The handle is shaped with a comfortable grip for effortless, thorough cleansing.


Warm reminder: Be sure to apply body lotion after bathing.


After facial cleansing, more or less follow-up care is given to the face, and the skin is the same. It is recommended to apply body lotion to the skin after bathing (unless the bath liquid is particularly moisturizing), which can effectively make the body skin more moisturized.

The information is provided by electric cleansing brush supplier.