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There are so many options for applying face makeup, from foam sponges to silicone versions that look like chicken cutlets to oddly-shaped brushes that claim to give you an airbrushed finish. But regular old foundation brushes shouldn't be overlooked.

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Even within that category, the possibilities are seemingly endless. There are flat-top kabuki brushes, paddle brushes, angled brushes, round brushes, electric brushes, and more. How can you choose just one? And what's the difference between them all anyway?

A lot depends on what kind of coverage you prefer and what your makeup application goals are, but you don't need to amass a huge collection — one brush can work for the majority of base products.

Personally, I tend to apply light BB creams and skin tints with my fingers and use brushes for products with medium or higher coverage. A foundation brush can also help blend out stubborn cream products. If my makeup is starting pill up from the warmth of my fingers, I'll switch to a brush to get rid of any weird clumps.