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Application Principle of Ultrasonic Beauty Instrument

Apr. 21, 2020

Ultrasonic facial beauty device mainly based on two principles: one is the use of ultrasound to cavitation of liquids; the other is the use of ultrasound probes to directly affect the biological effects of human skin. 

The principle of cavitation is that the liquid generally contains a lot of submicroscopic bubbles. Under the action of ultrasonic mechanical vibration, as the dissolved gas in the liquid around the bubbles precipitates out to the bubbles, these bubbles will gradually expand. When the bubble grows to the length of the ultrasonic wave, the bubble is equivalent to the resonant cavity, and its resonance amplitude can be several orders of magnitude larger than the amplitude of the incident ultrasonic wave. Through the action of "cavitation bubble", it can cause biological effect ultrasonic wave.

The probe is to directly apply ultra-high frequency mechanical vibration to the human skin to produce biological effects. In summary, it is mainly due to its three major effects on the body, namely mechanical action, warming action and physical and chemical action.

Ultrasonic Facial Beauty Device

The ultrasonic effect has the mechanical effects of enhancing tissue penetration, improving cell metabolism, promoting blood circulation, softening hard tissues, etc. The treatment of skin problems such as plaques and scleroderma is better than mechanical massage. Under high-frequency mechanical vibration, the blood circulation of the body is strong, and the excitability of nerves and muscles is reduced, which can produce good analgesic and antispasmodic effects, accelerate cell metabolism, promote tissue pH changes, and increase cell membrane permeability. It is the main performance of ultrasonic physical and chemical effects.

In addition, ultrasound promotes the transdermal penetration of substances. It is one of the widely used beauty techniques. When various problems occur on the skin, certain nutrition and drugs are often required to adjust. However, due to the relationship between the composition of the nutrients and the skin structure , Its absorption will be affected to varying degrees. If we make full use of the diffusion of ultrasound and tissue penetration, so that the corresponding nutrients or drugs can penetrate the body through the skin or mucous membrane, it will greatly increase the therapeutic effect, because ultrasound has good plant essence or small molecule compounds The absorption promotion effect.

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